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Jul 14, 2016

Featured in May 2016 issue of Wallpaper Magazine, the beautiful patio furnishings was put together and photographed for the magazine to show this year’s hottest trends in outdoor design.  A custom look with a concept of natural colors and  mixed materials of the contemporary style furniture created a perfect space for outdoor chill out.

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roda  square

Oct 25, 2013

To celebrate the opening of the new Casa Outdoor showroom, we had a launch party last Thursday evening on October 17.  Attendees included individuals from other design firms and personal guests of Casa Design. Guests enjoyed beautiful art, exquisite furniture and of course, tasty food and drinks.

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Casa Outdoor showroom

May 13, 2013

Now that summer is almost here, we decided it was time for Casa Design to open up our own outdoor patio for clients and guests. The team here at Casa Design is excited to open Casa Outdoor in July. Casa Outdoor will be located directly across the street from our current showroom at 450 Harrison Ave.

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New Casa Outdoor Green Logo

Jun 08, 2011

We just love the Fiesta Bar from Vondom. It is quite possibly one of the most uniquely designed outdoor bars we have ever laid our eyes on and would most definitely be the center of any summer party.

The Fiesta Bar was designed by Archirivolto for Vondom and was recently featured on the design blog 3rings, where it was praised for its durability to withstand lots of exposure to sunlight and heat, year after year. It has a UV factor of eight, which basically means it can endure 8,000+ hours of exposure to sunlight in Florida, according to Vondom. While we may not experience that much sunlight or heat here in Boston, we are familiar with extremely cold temperatures in our winters, and fortunately, the Fiesta Bar can handle those, too.

Another wonderful fact about the Fiesta Bar is that it is portable, so you can move the party from one location to another without any fuss. Can it get much better than this?

The Fiesta Bar will certainly be the life of the party this summer. You can find it and many other wonderful products from Vondom here at Casa Design in Boston.

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