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Jul 20, 2016

In its late spring 2016 issue, Boston Common magazine dedicates the full spread to Casa Design’s Haute Decor outdoors. It features ultra-modern barcode sectional sofa by Varaschin and lounge chairs with poolside “pouf” set from double collection designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Roda.

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BC cover

Mar 20, 2015

Italian-based Varaschin teamed up with French designer, Christophe Pillet, to create Summer Set – a light, comfortable and linear outdoor furniture collection suited for both residential and commercial applications.

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Varaschin Summer set

Feb 06, 2014

Modern home design blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Italian furniture designer, Varaschin, has responded to this trend by designing contemporary furnishings that are durable enough to be used outdoors but attractive enough to look natural in an interior setting.

This Backstage Landscape video, released on YouTube, shows how Varaschin’s designs can be used to transition your exterior and interior landscapes. Some of the video’s features products include:

Babylon Collection
The Babylon Chair. Source: varaschin.it

The Babylon Lounge Armchair. The Babylon Collection features one of Varaschin’s signature features: woven materials. The man-made fibers are woven and looped around an aluminum frame and then topped with comfortable cushions and pillows, available in multiple colors.

Cloud Collection
Cloud Collection. Source: varaschin.it

Colorado Collection. Does outdoor furniture ever look as comfortable as the Cloud Collection? The frame is simply a means to elevate overstuffed poofs, providing the ultimate surface upon which to unwind, converse, and relax.

Altea Sofa and Chairs
Altea Sofa and Chairs. Source: varaschin.it

The Altea Sofa and Chairs. The Altea line replicates traditional wicker furniture, using handwoven man-made fiber weaving with a modern floral motif. From traditional chairs and tables to curvaceous lounges and intimate alcoves, the line is as playful as it is luxurious.

Visit the Casa Design showroom to view high-end contemporary furnishings for the upcoming spring and summer.

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Cloud Collection

Oct 25, 2013

To celebrate the opening of the new Casa Outdoor showroom, we had a launch party last Thursday evening on October 17.  Attendees included individuals from other design firms and personal guests of Casa Design. Guests enjoyed beautiful art, exquisite furniture and of course, tasty food and drinks.

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Casa Outdoor showroom