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Jun 07, 2015

Riva’s Venice console from Casa Design was featured in Editors’ Picks in Boston Home magazine’s issue. The beautiful console was designed by famous Italian architect and designer, Claudio Bellini, who also created the elegant Peak table that was profiled in “geometry lesson” by Kara in the magazine’s winter issue.

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Boston Home Summer 2015 cover

Dec 19, 2014

Jun 11, 2014

Jamie Durie is an Australian designer, horticulturalist, and author. His love of the outdoors is a driving force behind his contemporary outdoor furniture designs, which celebrate the role of nature in nurturing a sense of well-being. His most recent designs, a second collection for Riva 1920, were recently featured at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan in early April.

Here’s a peek at the new additions to this comfortable outdoor furniture line, all of which are produced using natural, sustainable materials:

Tubular Chair. Jamie Durie launched the Tubular Dining Table in Milan last year. It was so popular that he designed the Tubular Chairs to complement. The dining chairs are fluidly sculpted allowing the beautiful wood grains to shine.

Jamie Durie Tubular Chairs
Source: JamieDurie.com

Bungalow Sofa. The Bungalow Sofa was built to complement his Bungalow Stool collection. It features a lightweight frame made from American walnut that is finished in natural oils. The comfortable seat and back cushions are supported by a woven leather strap matrix.

Bungalow Sofa
Source: JamieDurie.com

Bungalow Bench Seat. For casual or overflow seating, the Bungalow Bench Seat matches the sofa and stools, including the woven leather strap matrix for seat support and stitch detailing.

Bungalow Bench
Source: JamieDurie.com

Riva 1920 pieces are available through Casa Design.

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Bungalow Bench

Aug 14, 2012

Check out this cool table, called the Venice table, designed by Claudio Bellini for Riva 1920. Wouldn’t you agree that it is rather unique? In addition to the Venice table’s very interesting appearance, the story behind the selection of the materials used to create the table is pretty interesting, too.

You see, wood recycling is extremely important to Riva 1920, so the company is constantly looking for ways to reuse wood and transform it into something that can be passed down to future generations. As stated on the Riva 1920 website, “During our tireless studies, we found out a unique material: the Briccola wood from Venice, that is oak posts of the Lagoon, which are replaced after some years because they are broken or worn out.”

Riva 1920 often collaborates with designers and architects to create new furnishings with reclaimed Briccola wood, and the Venice table is a stunning example of such collaborations. The piece, which was recently featured on the Retail Design Blog, is described as a piece that rises “out of the surreal enchantment of the Lagoon of Venice, a magical metamorphosis restores its soul, free from time’s endless effort. Drawn together and united in rhythmic composition, their silent reflection extends across a shining sea of steel; timelessly.”

The Venice table is a gorgeous example of how one item can be given a new life as something else.

Riva 1920 products are available in Boston through Casa Design. Please contact us for more information regarding this and other lines we represent.

Images from Retaildesignblog.net

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