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Apr 13, 2017

Casa Design has returned from Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2017 with news of exciting launches from our vast roster of international brands. This year’s fair was one of the most impressive exhibitions to date, boasting a record number of programs, events, and exhibitors. Up-and-coming trends were evident: woven rope, belting, and fringe, richly-hued velvets, mobiles, mixed marbles, and tons of terrazzo! It would be impossible to recount every exciting design and detail, so we’ve narrowed it down to our “Top 10” favorite new designs from Milan Design Week 2017.

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foscarini filo light 2017 salone del mobile

Oct 01, 2015

A true appreciator of design can’t help but curate a few favorite pieces from designer collections each year, but there is also comfort in selecting timeless furniture items that become personal favorites and can be kept part of the household’s furniture rotation year after year. We suspect the diamond back high chair from Danish designer Foersome & Hiort-Lorenzen will become exactly that.

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Diamond Collection by Cane-line

Nov 10, 2014

Last time the design world celebrated in London at The London Design Festival. One of the stars of the show was Mambo Unlimited. Their fun and upbeat name is indicative of the types of works they design.

Source: Mambo Unlimited
Mambo Unlimited Ivy Arm Chair. Source: Mambo Unlimited

Mambo Unlimited Was a Portuguese Star at the London Design Festival

Mambo Unlimited designs everything from furniture to lighting fixtures and ceramics. Their designs were a hit at the London Design Festival and, in fact, their Ivy chair was quite literally in the spotlight. It was chosen to take the stage in one of the conference rooms that hosted the 100% Design presentations.

In Mambo’s case, design is all about creating individual pieces that have soul and personality. The bulk of their collections are crafted by hand. Some of the pieces featured in London and Paris included:

Ivy arm chair. Leather, wood, brass and metal come together to form a whimsical and colorful chair, perfect for the living room, study or office.

Jazz sideboard. This sleek piece looks almost as if broken glass has become a work of art.

Magnolia I. The Magnolia suspension lamp combines lacquered metal, glass and wood accents. The clear cable makes it look as if it’s floating.

Casa Design predicts the versatility and vision displayed in Mambo Unlimited’s designs will help them to maintain their star status at global design shows for decades to come.

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Oct 30, 2014

Every once in a while, design greats from different industries pair up to create product lines that breathe fresh air into their respective worlds. That’s exactly what happened when Maserati, the luxury sports car designer, and Ludovica+Roberto Palomba paired up to design a collection for Zanotta.

Source: maseratibyzanotta.com

These “Capsules of Desire” feature the Maserati Lounge Chair that Casa Design Blog featured back in May, as well as the Maestrale writing desk, Corina chair and Grandtour footrest.

Take a Seat and Put Your Feet Up in Zanotta’s Capsules of Desires

The Grandtour Lounge Chair features a sleek design with leather upholstery (what else would one expect when a sleek race car designer is half of the design team?) and a slightly curved shape that cradles the chair’s occupant. However, a limited edition of 100 of the chairs will be available in 100% silk produced by the Zegna Wool Mill thanks to the cooperation of Ermenegildo Zegna, a world-famous menswear brand.

Palomba designed the modern Maestrale writing desk to exist as a minimalist yet stylish space for working or studying. The desk can be easily tucked into the corner of a living room or bedroom. Learn more about these pieces from Casa Design.

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Oct 22, 2014

The Ilbagno collection for Antoniolupi was designed by Robert Lazzeroni. It is the epitome of timeless. The impression is as if you are walking into a luxurious Romanesque bathroom yet the materials and finishes are decidedly modern.

Source: Facebook

Ilbagno Collection Pairs the Luxury of Antiquity with the Convenience of Modernity

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the Ilbagno collection up close.

The vanity is a good place to start because it exemplifies everything modern design critics appreciate about this collection. The lines are sleek, yet softened corners and edges keep them from becoming harsh or angular. The wood finish is unique and a warm complement to the rest of the collection.

Wall-mounted plumbing fixtures maintain the classic look as do the re-designed mirrors with a bronze finish and the lightly etched glass shower enclosure. The simple, yet graceful, lines of the soak tub remind us of a time when baths were filled by hand. Fortunately, the stylish floor mounted faucet will do that for you. And, Casa Design recommends installing a sleek Antoniolupi fireplace to complete your bathing experience. Contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures will bring the design to life.

See more of Antioniolupi’s designs in our Casa Design showroom.

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Oct 16, 2014

If we had the time, we’d take a contemporary interior design tour around the globe. From the Salone del Mobile in Milan to the 100% Design 2014 in London, there are countless destinations to visit in between. Next up, we’re headed to the 24th International Biennale Interieur, taking place October 17th – 26th in Kortijk, Belgium.

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blog post

Oct 03, 2014

Modern Italian design comes in many forms; the industrial and furniture aspects of it are Casa Design’s primary focus, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a furniture design aficionado who isn’t also in touch with fashion trends. We wonder how elements of the Louis Vuitton Monaco Cruise Collection for 2015 will trickle into the world of interior design.

Monaco Cruise Fashion
Source: Youtube / bayoucool

Here are some of the highlights from this season’s Luis Vuitton fashion cruise.

Firstly, we can’t help but note the custom-made Pierre Paulin seating for three hundred that undulated on a glass floor through the Place du Palais. The curvaceous benches created runways accommodating the models as they made their way through wearing Nicolas Ghesquière’s newest creations.

The models walked on digital water floor tiles, which added to the watery theme. The designs were colorful and playful. The fit-and-flare theme Ghesquière introduced in the fall was still prevalent and almost every ensemble had an element of shimmer, whether it was a shiny red leather jacket, metallic handbags, or sequin-embellished lace. Pants are high-waisted and flared and we’ll continue to see fitted dresses with high-waisted belts.

Casa Design wonders how these trends will wash over our world of modern Italian furniture design.

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Monaco Cruise Fashion

Sep 30, 2014

Do you ever have those days where you wake up, already fantasizing about how wonderful it will feel to crawl back into bed at the end of the night? Welcome to busy 21st century life. It seems the Giuseppe Viganò auto-reverse dream bed was designed for just those days.

autoreverse bed arketipo
Source: Arketipo.com

Viganò designed the bed for Arketipo Firenze and it is designed in the same vein as his auto reverse couch. With both furnishings, Viganò wanted to emphasize the importance of form and fabric. The minimal platform bed frame is set on barely-there, recessed legs that create the impression of a floating bed. Combined with luxurious and two-sided fabrics, sleepers will truly feel as if they are going to bed on a cloud.

The headboard is comprised of two over-sized pillows, available in two different fabric options so you can change the look on a whim. Like the auto-reverse sofa, the bed has a unique zippered cover that can be switched as well. The zippers are hidden by moderate flounces, less pronounced than the sofa’s, for a more streamlined look.

Giuseppe Viganò is heavily influenced by materials and art and those are evident in his poetic designs. Learn more at Casa Design.

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Sep 23, 2014

Summer may be wrapping up but we’ll still enjoy wonderful autumn weather outside. Our Casa Design Outdoor Line is full of new products, some of which come to us by way of renowned Spanish furniture designers, Bivaq.

Bivaq Vint
Source: bivaq.com

Vint. The Vint furniture line is a streamlined collection that, while not entirely minimal, is easily absorbed by the landscape in which it’s installed. It can also be arranged to create noticeable lines to highlight your outdoor features. There are two armchair options – one low and one high – as well as a round dining table, a rectangular dining table, and matching end table options.

Bivaq Nude
Source: Bivaq.com

Nude. The Nude collection is ideal for those who like a sleek modern look but would like to create a more comfortable outdoor living room space. The collection is modular, which makes for a flexible arrangement and thick cushions ensures sitters and loungers can remain comfortable for hours.

Bivaq Slat
Source: Bivaq.com

Slat chairs. Slat chairs are a simple, stackable patio chair. They are made from aluminum and are very resilient. These chairs are great to have on hand for overflow seating.

Casa Outdoor

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Bivaq Slat

Sep 12, 2014

Back in 2013, Bonaldo won the “Good Design Award” for their Octa Table. The original Octa was a rectangular shape with an unique 3-D star configuration forming the base of the table. The eight legs yielded the table’s name. This year, Bonaldo released a new version of the Octa and it is receiving rave reviews.

Bonaldo Octa Table
Source: Bonaldo.IT

The new version of the Octa table has the same unique base but the top is round, rather than rectangular. An interesting fact to note is that the legs of the table, which are made from bent and welded metal rods, were inspired by the legendary children’s game, “Pick Up Sticks” where you throw a handful of colorful sticks down and try to remove them from the tangle one by one.

In the new Octa table, the tangle has been raised to form an artistic base that is, quite literally, the star of the show. The table top is available in clear, opaque, black, or white. The rectangular model is also available with an extendable glass top, lacquered wood, or walnut. Accompanying Filly Chairs are available with multiple upholstery options.

The Octa Table and other modern Italian furniture designs are available through the Casa Design Showroom.

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Bonaldo Octa Table