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Mar 06, 2017

In the Spring 2017 Issue of Boston Home magazine Molteni&C Boston showroom manager & designer, Elydia Riley, shared her expert advice on a dream closet design. The Italian brand offers high-quality contemporary furniture pieces, including sophisticated high-functional wardrobes and walk-in closets.

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Dream closets

Aug 01, 2015

Moooi designs evoke grandeur and the elegance of another era without being superfluous. Their designers have a knack for using clean, simple lines – and often geometric patterns – to create luxurious results.

Moooi Blends Grandeur With Simplicity

Here are examples of furniture pieces that, in the words of Moooi, bring “…a touch of grandeur to your home, without conveying the firm austerity of real antiques.”

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Oct 17, 2014

Here on the East Coast, successful architects typically house their firms in high-rise buildings and large office spaces. If you’re a growing professional firm in Florence, Italy, however, requiring significant square footage, you might just find yourself in the market for an historic palazzo.

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Sep 30, 2014

Do you ever have those days where you wake up, already fantasizing about how wonderful it will feel to crawl back into bed at the end of the night? Welcome to busy 21st century life. It seems the Giuseppe Viganò auto-reverse dream bed was designed for just those days.

autoreverse bed arketipo
Source: Arketipo.com

Viganò designed the bed for Arketipo Firenze and it is designed in the same vein as his auto reverse couch. With both furnishings, Viganò wanted to emphasize the importance of form and fabric. The minimal platform bed frame is set on barely-there, recessed legs that create the impression of a floating bed. Combined with luxurious and two-sided fabrics, sleepers will truly feel as if they are going to bed on a cloud.

The headboard is comprised of two over-sized pillows, available in two different fabric options so you can change the look on a whim. Like the auto-reverse sofa, the bed has a unique zippered cover that can be switched as well. The zippers are hidden by moderate flounces, less pronounced than the sofa’s, for a more streamlined look.

Giuseppe Viganò is heavily influenced by materials and art and those are evident in his poetic designs. Learn more at Casa Design.

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Jul 30, 2014

Looking for a comfortable chair with a contemporary design? One that’s as home in a modern living room as in a corporate office? Then Casa Design would like to introduce you to the new Tacchini Collection for 2014. From low slung and masculine to long, languid, and lovely – there’s a little something for every taste.

Here are our favorites:

Atoll by Patrick Norguet. You could put this chair in your office but beware; you may never want to get out of it. The Atoll was named for the four “islands” or sections that comprise the chair. This smooth, curvaceous, and sculpted lounge chair has been a hit everywhere it has been displayed. The natural material complements the four wooden legs for a harmonious design.

Atoll Chair by Patrick Norguet
Source: Tacchini.it

Kelly B, C, E, F, H, O, P, S, T by Claesson Koivisto Rune. We’ll just call this chair the Kelly, if that’s alright with you. Kelly is fun and playful with wide, oversized petal or paddle-esque sections for her seat and back. She looks great alone, in pairs, or around her matching ottoman. The Kelly comes in a reclined version as well.

Kelly by Claesson Koivisto Rune
Source: Tacchini.it

Check out the rest of Tacchini’s new collection and tell us what you think.

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Kelly by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Jul 25, 2014

As a contemporary interior design firm, it’s our job to keep up with the pulse of design and to create interior environments that push the boundaries in any given moment. Even so, we are always impressed by designers who have decades of historical success behind them and still remain on the cutting-edge of design. Zanotta is indicative of this rare professional achievement.

Zanotta: 60 Years of Shaping Design

Italian designer Zanotta got its start back in 1954 when Aurelio Zanotta opened its doors in Lissone. Within a decade, Zanotta’s designs were turning heads. Some of their most famous furnishings from those first two decades include the Throw Away Couch by Willie Landels and the Sacco by Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro.

zanotta sacco chair
Source: Zanotta
zanotta throw-away
Source: Zanotta

By 1968, the company had developed quite a name for itself. The family decided to move their headquarters to Nova Milanese to be closer to the hub of Italian and European design. The move was a lucrative one, and Zanotta continued to develop their brand image both in Europe and in the United States.

Today, the company is run by three siblings, Eleonora, Martino, and Francesca Zanotta. Their mission is to honor their traditional design heritage while embracing innovative techniques.

Casa Design toasts Zanotta’s 60 years of contemporary interior design success and wishes them 60 more.

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Zanotta Designs

Jun 13, 2014

Modern interior design requires an expert eye and hand to create private home and commercial spaces that are stylish, inviting, and accommodating. Here are some of Boston’s top interior designers. Consult with one on your next project.

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top 10

May 27, 2014

At Casa Design, it’s our job to keep up with what’s going on in the design world, in terms of designers and products as well as other designers’ projects. One of our favorite interior designers is Dkor Interiors, based in Florida.

Contemporary Moody Home
Source: DKorInteriors.com

One of Dkor’s latest designs is the Contemporary Moody Home. The two-story home was redesigned using a monochromatic color palate of sultry and layered grey tones. The mix of contemporary furnishings and texture yielded a cozy and warm ambiance in what could have been a cold and austere one. The lighting design includes a series of small recessed lighting fixtures that almost give the appearance of a starry night sky, especially with the airy and spacious design and modern design elements.

As you peruse the pictures, notice how nearly every room includes a mix of materials, most notably the wood accents. This inclusion of rich, warm wood finishes – in the dining room table, custom stairway, bathroom cabinets, etc. – adds a homey touch that modern designs often lack.

The entire team just arrived back from Salone Milano 2014. You can read about their impressions of the salon here. We look forward to seeing how the Salone inspires Dkor’s future projects.

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Contemporary Moody Home

May 09, 2014

SLV is a German-based lighting designer, providing innovative lighting designs and luminaries for both residential and commercial applications. They have recently opened a permanent North American showroom at the Dallas Market Center, where SLV’s clean, contemporary design space allows designers and clients to see their luminaries in person.

SLV Lighting at Dallas Market Center
Source: SLVLighting.com

The Dallas Market Center (DMC) is the most complete wholesale merchandise center in the world, making it a magnet for design and build professionals. It has brought buyers and exhibitors together for more than 50 years and is an ideal location for overseas designers and manufacturers to nurture their brands in North America.

This is exactly what SLV hopes to accomplish. With less than four decades in the lighting industry, SLV is one of the largest and fastest growing lighting companies in Europe. Positioning themselves in the DMC is a smart move and will allow them to broaden their reach. American design professionals will appreciate SLV’s attention towards balancing innovation and modern design trends with maintaining competitively priced fixtures.

SLV is both a designer and manufacturer and enjoys collaborating with overseas partners to increase their diverse product range. Casa Design looks forward to visiting the new showroom the next time we’re in Dallas.

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SLV Lighting at Dallas Market Center

Jan 09, 2014

Diesel, well-known in the fashion world, introduced a home furnishings line in 2008. Named the Diesel for Successful Living collection, they have paired with well-known designers for their textiles and furniture such as Zucchi and Moroso. Diesel teamed up with Foscarini for their contemporary lighting designs, and the most recent addition are these elegant Glassdrop Pendant Lamps.

hanging lights
Source: Diesel

They are made from hand-blown glass shades, coated with a chromed aluminum finish. When the lamps are turned off, they look like a mirrored metal. Once they’re switched on, they are transformed by a warm, amber-toned glow. The glass is slightly textured, which plays with the light and causes it to change it’s color and appearance based on the light’s intensity. The lamps can be suspended alone, or arranged into a variety of vertical compositions. They are also available as a canopy of up to nine lights.

hanging lights
Source: Casa Design

Foscarini, located in Murano, Italy, has designed high-end contemporary lighting fixtures and designs for more than three decades. They recently launched the iFoscarini app, which allows designers and their clients to browse their designs add Foscarini fixtures into their own virtual plans.

Fixtures by Foscarini, including the Glassdrop Pendant Lamps, are available through Casa Design.

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