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Jul 14, 2016

Featured in May 2016 issue of Wallpaper Magazine, the beautiful patio furnishings was put together and photographed for the magazine to show this year’s hottest trends in outdoor design.  A custom look with a concept of natural colors and  mixed materials of the contemporary style furniture created a perfect space for outdoor chill out.

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roda  square

Mar 02, 2015

Twins have always fascinated the public in human form. Now, Mut Design has introduced a new outdoor collection, consisting of two chairs that share similar design “genetics” – hence, the collection is called Twins.

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Aug 13, 2013

Our New England falls are something to behold. Warm days and crisp nights are the perfect time to enjoy outdoor living. Of course, Casa Design believes the key to comfortable outdoor living is stylish, modern outdoor furniture, not the least of which is a contemporary twist on the traditional porch swing.

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Expormim Nautica Swing Chair