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Apr 05, 2016

Every year, the Casa Design team takes a trip to the Salone internazionale de Mobile Milano, and it’s almost time for us to board our flight to the gorgeous city of Milan once more! Slated to run from 12-17 April 2016, we attend this event each year to browse through the latest furniture trends and collections.

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Salone de Mobile Milan

Jun 07, 2015

Riva’s Venice console from Casa Design was featured in Editors’ Picks in Boston Home magazine’s issue. The beautiful console was designed by famous Italian architect and designer, Claudio Bellini, who also created the elegant Peak table that was profiled in “geometry lesson” by Kara in the magazine’s winter issue.

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Boston Home Summer 2015 cover

Nov 18, 2014

If you’re a fan of B&B Italia, odds are you have a piece from their iconic UP series. Designed in 1969 by Gaetano Pesce, the pieces were instant hits. They were unlike anything on the furniture scene at that point. The collection featured a sofa, armchair and pouf designed with expressive shapes and upholstered in elastic fabric that remains perfectly molded to the frame, even when occupied.

UPJ by B&B Italia
Source: Archiproducts

B&B Showcase: Little Ones Will Delight at the UP Junior Collection

This year, B&B relaunched the UP collection in a smaller size, naming it the UPJ, or UPJunior, collection. The pieces will take center stage in the display window at B&B Italia’s flagship store this holiday season, and are designed for children. Each piece is as much a piece art as it is a home furnishing. The bright red upholstery is cheerful and children will enjoy feeling as if the seemingly heart-shaped chair is enveloping them in a soft, deep embrace.

Unbeknownst to your children, Pesce was actually inspired by the idea women’s rights. The chair symbolizes the womb and heart of woman while the ottoman is her ball and chain. However, you may want to save that art lesson for later.

In the meantime, you can find pieces from the UP collection and other B&B Italia products through the Casa Design showroom.

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Nov 12, 2014

The Esperanto collection, designed by Monica Graffeo for Rexa Design, is made up of contemporary bathroom fixtures inspired by the past, all designed to optimize bathroom efficiency.

Source: Rexa Design
The Esperanto Collection. Source: Rexa Design

Modular Storage and Accessories for the Modern Bathroom

Graffeo said her idea was to, “have all the things we need, available and simply reached…with a lavishly decked table, they [allow] us to act easily on our daily routine.” In fact, this approach to an efficiency-driven product led Rexa Design to market Esperanto as a system, rather than a collection or series.

The system is comprised of modular storage units in various sizes, wooden bases that can be arranged as needed and a simple Murano blown glass basin for the commode. The interplay of several materials, including wood, metal, lacquer and glass create an interesting modern bathroom aesthetic while maintaining an element of warmth.

One unique feature is the presence of little compartments that run along the top and can be covered when not in use. They are perfect for housing make-up and shaving accessories in an accessible location. Even the mirror is functional, with hooks that can be used to store towels or jewelry.

The Esperanto collection is available through Casa Design.

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Nov 10, 2014

Last time the design world celebrated in London at The London Design Festival. One of the stars of the show was Mambo Unlimited. Their fun and upbeat name is indicative of the types of works they design.

Source: Mambo Unlimited
Mambo Unlimited Ivy Arm Chair. Source: Mambo Unlimited

Mambo Unlimited Was a Portuguese Star at the London Design Festival

Mambo Unlimited designs everything from furniture to lighting fixtures and ceramics. Their designs were a hit at the London Design Festival and, in fact, their Ivy chair was quite literally in the spotlight. It was chosen to take the stage in one of the conference rooms that hosted the 100% Design presentations.

In Mambo’s case, design is all about creating individual pieces that have soul and personality. The bulk of their collections are crafted by hand. Some of the pieces featured in London and Paris included:

Ivy arm chair. Leather, wood, brass and metal come together to form a whimsical and colorful chair, perfect for the living room, study or office.

Jazz sideboard. This sleek piece looks almost as if broken glass has become a work of art.

Magnolia I. The Magnolia suspension lamp combines lacquered metal, glass and wood accents. The clear cable makes it look as if it’s floating.

Casa Design predicts the versatility and vision displayed in Mambo Unlimited’s designs will help them to maintain their star status at global design shows for decades to come.

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Oct 28, 2014

Some light fixtures come and go without making much of a ripple in the waters of modern furniture design. Then, there are the iconic fixtures that make a name for themselves and continue to be popular sellers year after year. Axo’s Clavius collection falls into the latter category and, to celebrate 10 years of success, there is a new Axo light in town.

Source: Facebook

The New Axo Light Celebrates 10 Years of Clavius Success

The Clavius collection was originally comprised of suspended ceiling lamps made with a chrome frame and an opaline metacrylate diffuser. The handmade lampshades have a series of thin silken threads that are strung vertically across the frame, creating a fluid and almost life-like effect.

The collection continued to grow, augmented by table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps to the ranks. All were available in ivory white, black and tobacco. The newest Axo light in the collection expands the color options, offering the choice of a softer tan color as well as a gold finish on the frame.

In the past, the collection was only available with incandescent and florescent options, so Casa Design is pleased to see the newest upgrades include halogen and LED options.

Join in the celebration by adding the newest Clavius to your lighting collection.

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Oct 20, 2014

Our day-to-day habits remain the same, regardless of whether we live in a studio or a mansion. The way we design and use our living spaces, however, is decidedly different. Small living spaces require efficient interior designs in order to remain uncluttered, functional and stylish.

Source: Shutterstock.com

Interior Design Tips for Maximizing Your Small Living Space

Set up zones. Use furnishings to set up distinct zones for eating, sleeping, socializing and studying. A sleek dining table, like Octa by Bonaldo can divide the sleeping area from your entertainment zone and can double as a home office space. Area rugs can help to anchor each zone.

Choose versatile furnishings. Choose furniture that is modular, flexible and versatile so each piece serves more than one purpose – end tables that can be moved around, ottomans that provide storage, etc.

Create visual continuity. Neutral colors, furnishings and accessories help to make a space feel less cluttered and more spacious.

Think vertically. Take your cabinets and storage areas all the way up to the ceiling, like Casa Design did for a small Arclinea kitchen install. You gain additional storage and draw the gaze upward, making the space feel larger.

How do you maximize your small living space?

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Oct 17, 2014

Here on the East Coast, successful architects typically house their firms in high-rise buildings and large office spaces. If you’re a growing professional firm in Florence, Italy, however, requiring significant square footage, you might just find yourself in the market for an historic palazzo.

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Oct 16, 2014

If we had the time, we’d take a contemporary interior design tour around the globe. From the Salone del Mobile in Milan to the 100% Design 2014 in London, there are countless destinations to visit in between. Next up, we’re headed to the 24th International Biennale Interieur, taking place October 17th – 26th in Kortijk, Belgium.

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Oct 15, 2014

The interaction of clean lines and illumination is showcased in the latest contemporary lighting fixtures envisioned by Xuclà, pre-eminent creator of exterior and interior luminary art. The series includes several collections, all of which embody geometry and light in a unique way.

Source: archiproducts.com

SET is a modular series, wherein a rectangular shape holds a fixed LED which serves as the foundation of the piece. Light is projected onto the movable elements, which can be maneuvered to reflect the beam from various angles and create striking patterns.

Xucla by VIBIA
Source: Archiproducts.com

Xuclà takes illumination outdoors with his EMPTY collection, against focusing on the interplay of light with clean, straight lines. This series has elements of visual impact both day and night. While the sun is up, EMPTY is a striking work of art on its own. At nighttime, the piece casts a comfortable glow from an LED tucked away within its interior.

Source: archiproducts.com

As the name suggests, the PORT series is unique in its portability. This Japanese-inspired collection draws from traditional lanterns, combining a modern edge with the simplicity of Eastern influence. The piece is easy to place anywhere you need a soft light, both indoors and outside.

Xuclà’s contemporary lighting series is available through Casa Design.

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