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Nov 28, 2016

What’s better than one innovative, high-end Italian manufacturer committed to excellence and innovation in interior design? Why two, of course!  Which is why we were so delighted by the news that Italian private equity firm Investindustrial — through its subsidiary contemporary furniture leader B&B Italia — has become the majority partner in luxury kitchen and bathroom designer Arclinea.

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Jan 21, 2015

2014 was an exciting year for Arclinea and the designs they have created at Vina Epicure are making waves around the world. That is why it is no surprise that they have been awarded the Best of the Year for 2014 by Interior Design magazine.

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Aug 15, 2014

When it comes to streamlined and modern interior design, Arclinea is as good as it gets. Their innovative kitchen designs have graced some of the most famous luxury spaces in the world, including the new Trump Tower.

Recently, they unveiled their Vina/Vina Epicure and new PVD Doors that we are sure will be a hit for those who seek the ultimate in luxury design.


Vina/Vina Epicure. This is the utmost in wine storage for the modern home wine enthusiast as well as restaurants that have an exposed kitchen space. The Vina/Vina Epicure comes in two sizes (180 cm and 240 cm widths) and can hold 96 and 132 0.75cl bottles of wine respectively. The units have double-glazed doors with a flush closing system and LED lights that add function, ambiance, and energy efficiency.

PVD Doors. A coating that is more than a coating, Arclinea’s ‘Physical Vapour Deposition’ (PVD) is a titanium application that is affixed using a high heat vacuum chamber. The process actually changes stainless surfaces at the molecular level, resulting in an exterior compound that is more resistant to scratching and general wear-and-tear.

What do you think of the Vina/Vina Epicure and PVD Doors? Let us at Casa Design know.

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Mar 20, 2013

Although the quality of Arclinea’s products speak for themselves, they recently received recognition for their Artusi Outdoor project, which Interior Design named a 2012 Best of Year Product Honoree.

The new Artusi Island, an all-inclusive outdoor kitchen, provides the answer for the planning of poolside, patio, or rooftop cooking areas.Featuring 4 cm thick doors with internal isolating foam and a magnetic seal, Artusi Island is perfect for food and beverage temperature control, while also keeping out those pesky critters and insects, as well as water. The integrated barbecue comes in different sizes and combinations, and the island is comprised of AISI 316 stainless steel for high resistance, durability and hygiene.

Artusi Island

Arclinea was founded in 1925 by Silvio Fortuna Senior, who was continuing his grandfather’s business that begun back in 1816. They shifted their product line solely on series production focusing on kitchen design in 1960. They have become well known worldwide for their intuitive kitchen designs, which are said to blend form and function seamlessly together. Take a look at there many different models online and be sure to peruse through the dream kitchens built throughout the world.

Arclinea products are carried exclusively at the Casa Design Boston showroom.  You can find out more about Arclinea by visiting new Arclinea Boston Facebook page.





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Artusi Island

Sep 24, 2012

Today we wanted to share with you about our latest Arclinea kitchen install. This project was a collaboration between Bunker Workshop, an interior architecture firm based out of Charlestown, and Casa Design’s Arclinea Project Manager, Shelley Cates.

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Arcliena Cabinets

Sep 28, 2011

With the ever-increasing popularity of spacious floor plans and the kitchen becoming a main hub of activity within the home, a kitchen with a sleek appearance continues to attract our eyes. And that sleek, contemporary look is exactly what we love about the Spatia hideaway kitchen from Arclinea.

World Interior Design Network recently featured the Spatia kitchen on its website, and noted how this kitchen seamlessly creates a contemporary look with “simple hardware and minimalistic detailing.”

The Spatia kitchen conceals its functionality with living horizons to allow for all of the functions of the home to exist around it instead of work around it. For example, kitchen tasks like food prep and cooking can take place there, as well as other tasks. And because everything is concealed behind smooth, sleek doors, those who use their kitchen space for eating and entertaining can appreciate how their space will no longer appear cluttered with the Spatia.

Arclinea products, such as the Spatia kitchen, are available through Casa Design. Contact us for more details.

Image via World Interior Design Network

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Jun 30, 2011

As the new Arclinea dealer in Boston, we also represent the best of the best in appliances to complement our exquisite kitchens.  One of the manufacturers we are proud to offer here at Casa Design is a German based company called Miele.  They are a family-owned company that has been manufacturing high-end home appliances since 1899.

Miele’s philosophy is “Immer Besser” – Forever Better – and you can tell that they live by that philosophy when you look at their products.

In 2007 Miele was presented an award for being the most successful company in Germany, beating Google and Porsche.

Miele Oven

For an example of the quality of their products, take a look at their H 5981 Oven.  The programmable functions, wireless food probe, and speedlight give you a technologically advanced oven while the design could be a work of art by itself. 

Miele Coffe Maker

With their CVA 5065 you’ll never want to go out for coffee again.  The electronic display, steam spout and milk frother, auto clean program, and built in timer mean you’ll have coffee ready whenever you desire.  And, of course, it’s all put together with Miele’s beautiful design.

We show several Miele products installed within our Arclinea displays at Casa Design.  Stop by our showroom in Boston’s SoWa district at 460 Harrison Avenue to see them for yourself and find out how they can work for you.

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Miele Oven